CrossFit Headquarters defines CrossFit as...

"Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity."

So, what does this mean? Let's break it down...

"Constantly Varied"

  • Our bodies are amazingly adaptive... If we perform the same workout routine day-in and day-out we will plateau and stop seeing gains
  • CrossFit workouts appear almost random; every day there is some new combination of movements to keep our bodies guessing
  • Despite the apparent randomness CrossFit workouts do follow a pattern to ensure maximum muscle confusion (AKA always keep the body guessing to promote muscle confusion, this will lead to consistent growth over time)
SoWal CrossFit® athlete completing a run outside on the road
A SoWal CrossFit® athlete performing kettle bell swings in the gym

"Functional Movements"

  • Ever walk into a large gym and get totally confused by all the machines? Many of those machines isolate a specific muscle group in a very unnatural way. This can lead to muscle imbalances and even straining that particular muscle group.
  • CrossFit studied how we move and realized
    • Every thing we do from getting up from a seated position to picking up something off the floor recruits multiple muscle groups
    • The best way to train the body is not to isolate single muscle groups, but to train natural movements 
    • In CrossFit we do squats to simulate standing from a seated position, we do farmers carries to simulate carrying in the groceries. You will find the exercises that we perform to feel natural and mimic the way you move in everyday life

"Performed At High Intensity"

  • We hate to break it to you, but 30 minutes on an elliptical machine where your heart rate never gets elevated and you can talk normally won't get you fit. Hey, it's better than nothing but not the path to long-term health and wellness
  • CrossFit believes in efficiency and that training hard for short periods of time is the best way to show fitness gains
  • Rather than perform long endurance cardio a typical CrossFit workout is 10 to 15 minutes, but the intensity is near red-line, causing us to see gains in a very short period of time
A SoWal CrossFit® athlete performing an air squat by the Rogue® Fitness monster rig

So, We Could Be Any Type Of Gym. Why Are We A CrossFit Gym?

Results Infinitely Scalable
Bar none, CrossFit is the most effective and efficient way we have found to achieve true lifelong fitness Rather than assume everyone can meet the same fitness standard, CrossFit scales to meet you where you are. That means a teen, a competitive athlete, and a senior citizen can all perform the same workout side-by-side. They may do slightly different movements or use more less weight, but they all get the same response in their body.
Simplicity Challenge
CrossFit is a small subset of movements; we can learn them quickly and start exercising right away. We talk about "virtuosity" doing the common uncommonly well; it takes a few minutes to learn a movement, but a lifetime to master.
Randomness Competition
Since each workout is different we never have time to get bored, it's always something new and exciting. We workout along side others, often with a clock running and a scoreboard to post our results. This level of friendly competition amongst ourselves and others keeps up more motivated than working out alone.
Community Safety & Support
Since the workouts are performed in a group setting we are working out side-by-side with our friends who cheer us on and are vested in our long term success. All workouts are facilitated by a certified CrossFit coach, this person takes responsibility for teaching us and keeping us safe.
We are the type of people who like being challenged day-to-day, we get bored easily, and we are more motivated by a little friendly competition. CrossFit is fun!

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