Your Coaches

How We Are Unique

At SoWal CrossFit® your coaching team is made of up carefully selected individuals who all have the same values.
SoWal CrossFit® Coaching TeamWe consider ourselves an extended "family"; that means we:
Constantly obsess over each and every member's progress
Communicate regularly
Have each others backs
Support each others personal growth
Help each other through life's ups and downs
Sweat together
Get To Know Your Coaches

Coach Courtney

Hometown: Elk City OK, But I claim Phoenix AZ :)
Family: (Including pets) Husband -Dusan Daughter -Cyra Sons -Aleksandar and Luka Pets -Kiki the cat Cookie the Hamster and the newest addidtion Frost the pup
Why do you CrossFit: I CrossFit for the ever changing goal, no matter where you are in your CrossFit journey there is something new to learn or to improve at. My favorite thing about coaching is learning someone's unique strength; pointing it out and seeing their confidence expand :)
Year you started CrossFit 2017
Favorite CrossFit movement Cycling a Hang Snatch
Superhuman power(s) - What CrossFit movement(s) come easily to you: Deadfift! Give me all the heavy deadlifts
What fitness related certifications do you hold: CF L1, CF Judges Course


Coach Andrea

Hi, I’m Andrea and my hometown is Melbourne, FL. CrossFit has been a way of life for
me since way back in 2010. To be honest, CrossFit and I had a rocky start. I had never been a
“gym person” and was downright intimidated by the barbells. So, with no skills or strength, I
began my fitness journey. With bit of determination, the consistent help of my coaches, and
support from fellow athletes, I soon found that all my fears were obstacles I had created by
myself. Once I found some success, I was hooked on CrossFit and my love for the sport
continues to this day. I love to move a barbell, but gymnastics-based movements are what come
naturally. At the gym, you’ll catch me jumping on the highest plyo-box I can handle, doing pull-
ups, or upside down in a handstand.
As a trainer, my passion revolves around assisting athletes of all fitness levels to learn to
overcome personal limitations and reach their goals. I place a large emphasis on learning proper
form before lifting heavy weights or attempting high-level gymnastics so that sufficient
technique can be developed to prevent injuries.
Outside the box, you can find me hanging out with my husband and four (yes four) cats. I
enjoy baking, hiking, and putting my fitness to the test outside of the gym.
CF L-1: 2014
CF L -2: 2019
CF Judges Course: 2018/2023

Coach Heather

Hometown Harrisburg, IL
Family Jessica Lynn my 23 year old daughter,  Olli and Rue my goldendoodles 
Why do you CrossFit I do CrossFit because it's always different, always challenging and can be modified to meet any fitness level.  
Year you started CrossFit 2010-2015, coached 2013-2015, then got back at it with yall in 2022 
Favorite CrossFit movement I love dead lifting! 
Superhuman power(s) - What CrossFit movement(s) come easily to you kettle bell swings
What fitness related certifications do you hold CF Judges Course

Owner, Brian Rabon

Coach Rabon Competing In The CrossFit Open.

Birmingham, Alabama

Elizabeth (Wife) & Lily (Miniature Schnauzer)

Why CrossFit? 
"I love cheering on my fellow athletes because it distracts me from my own suffering."

Started CrossFit In:

Favorite CrossFit Movement:
Any type of clean

Superhuman Power(s):
Movements that let me us my height to my advantage; especially rowing & wall balls

CrossFit Level One Coach (CFL1) & CrossFit Weight Lifting (CFWL)

Coach Rabon Competing In The CrossFit Open