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Our Local Members Are The Lifeblood Of The Gym!

At SoWal CrossFit® we are very blessed to have a thriving community of local members who workout with us every day (Ok, almost every day LOL). 

Benefits Of Being A Local Member:

  • Ongoing support in a loving, caring, and compassionate environment
  • Knowledge that the gym is your sanctuary and that we always have your back, no matter how bad your day has been
  • Consistent physical challenges to keep your body guessing and growing
  • Encouragement to safely push yourself and celebrate new personal records (PRs)
  • The comradery and support that come from being a member of a fitness community 

Features of Being A Local Member:

  • Our programming is specifically designed to:
    • Adhere to the fundamentals of CrossFit
    • Effectively challenge you over time
    • Help you progress safely month-after-month
  • A coaching team that helps you:
    • Set, monitor, and achieve personal goals
    • Work one-on-one to improve your skills
    • Keeps you motivated, while gently holding you accountable
  • A community that:
    • Celebrates the ups-and-downs of life
    • Encourages you on a daily basis
    • Enjoys the occasional social outing (Beach day, ladies' night out, etc)
SoWal CrossFit has a thriving 5am early bird class, attended by dedicated athletes who value getting up early to get their workout in before their days start.

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Want To Explore If CrossFit Is Right For You?

All residents of South Walton County, Florida are invited to come for one free movement analysis and workout.

We will meet with you one-on-one to understand where you are, where you want to be, and give you a tour of our facility. 

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SoWal CrossFit® athletes performing handstands on the beach in Santa Rosa Beach Florida.

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Unlimited CrossFit (Single athlete) Teen CrossFit (Single athlete)
$185/month - Unlimited CrossFit $140/month - Teen CrossFit
Unlimited Access To All Class Types (Ages 18+) 3 x Week, MWF 5:00 pm (Ages 13 to 17 only)
Discounts Available
  • $165/month - Active-duty military, first responder, and or service industry employee from our office park or office park across the street
  • $295/month - Couple (2 people from the same household)
  • $385/month - Family (3 people from the same household)
  • $455/month - Family (4 people from the same household)
  • $525/month - Family (5 people from the same household)
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