CrossFit® Myths Busted

Like any successful program CrossFit® has it's fair share of myths. Peel back the covers and take a moment to examine the real truth.

CrossFit is only for elite athletes CrossFit movements are dangerous
The "Games" athletes you see on ESPN are super-human and the 1%. Most people who perform CrossFit never compete. Us normal humans practice CrossFit because we like how it makes us feel and we want to "look good naked". CrossFit is all about doing the common uncommonly well, what would it be worth to you to be better prepared to pick up the groceries safer or even sit better?
CrossFit is a cult CrossFit causes burnout and injuries
When you become a member of SoWal CrossFit you are joining a fitness community. A dedicated and committed group of individuals who have chosen to get fit together. More than likely you will form long term friendships in and outside of the gym. Expect to get texts when you miss a class, encouragement when you need it most, and even a shoulder to cry on from time-to-time. Done properly CrossFit can be a sustainable practice for lifelong fitness, we tailor workouts to everyone’s ability and fitness goals, coaches actively monitor athlete performance and immediately stop any unsafe movements/acts.
I play a sport, I can't CrossFit also CrossFit is only for the young
CrossFit puts your sport first and all athletes can improve their success with their sport by regularly training CrossFit. We like to talk about CrossFit as infinitely scalable. Meaning that no matter your age you can change the movement or the weight to suit your ability level. As we age we need weight training to keep our joints protected and our bones strong.

Want to learn more about CrossFit, we have you covered here.

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